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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Scroll down below to see if our "Frequently Asked Question" section provides an answer to your inquiry. If not, drop us a line using the form at the bottom of the page, and we'll respond to your message shortly.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: You have several options. You can sign up for a one-year subscription for $199.95, or you can save a little time and money by signing a longer-term contract. Current rates for service are $199.95 for one year, $349.95 for two years, a $50 discount, and $499.95 for a three-year contract, a $100 discount. At sign-up, you may request an automatically renewing subscription so that your clients and customers do not receive any interruption in your publishing services when your contract expires.
Q: What markets can I choose from?
A: At this time, we offer eZines for five different real estate markets: Houston, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio and Texas At-Large. Additional eZines may be provided for specific markets in Texas and nationally, in future. To inquire about additional market editions, contact us at
Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: For your convenience, we accept Visa and MasterCard. At this time, we do not accept checks, cash, or COD. Credit card processing allows us to streamline our accounting services and keeps the Realty eZine subscription costs low. Our partner, Verisign, is one of the most widely-respected secure Internet transaction providers.
Q: How should I introduce my clients and prospects to the eZine?
A: You should let your prospects and clients know that you will be e-mailing them (automatically) a complimentary monthly newsletter with tips for maintaining, buying and selling homes. How you choose to tell them about the product is up to you. However, there is a tool on the site that you may use to send a personalized e-mail message inviting your prospects and clients to review a sample eZine and to "opt out" (or to unsubscribe) if they so choose. By giving your recipients the option to unsubscribe, you are respecting their time and the "sanctity" of their inbox. They appreciate the choice, so they're usually willing to review the content of the eZine to determine if it is worth receiving. More than 95% of current publishing agents' recipients have opted to continue subscribing.

Q: What day of every month is the newsletter sent?
A: The newsletter is distributed between the 10th and the 15th of every month. This allows time for the local MLS organizations to release statistics about the prior month's property sales to us and other media. We review those local press relases and include relevant news about significant changes in the pace of the market or median prices in that month's edition.
Q: What is the deadline for creating an account to be included in the next edition for publication?
A: You should probably allow a few days to gather your e-mail addresses, digital photo and logo and to upload your information to the site. We are here to help you do that, but if your database, for example, has any corrupt data, it may take a day or two to sort out your records. However, your recipient list will receive the eZine as long as you create your record and add your email address list prior to the 10th of the month in question.
Q: Can the Realtor's photo and contact information be changed when needed and at no additional cost?
A: Absolutely. Once you have your username and password, you can change your photo, name, e-mail address, telephone numbers and web site address at any time by logging in to the site. There is no additional cost for any of these changes. You can also add or modify recipient email addresses at any time under the same conditions.
Q: Won't my customers be irritated by a regular e-mail message from me?
A: Our research shows that they won't. Fewer than 5 percent of our beta-testers' initial recipients opted to "unsubscribe." There are a number of important reasons why this is the case.

According to Seth Godin, the author of the break-through marketing book "Permission Marketing," today's customers are willing to receive marketing messages only if they are personal, anticipated and relevant. The Realty eZine meets each of these three requirements.

Our material is selectively researched and written for its relevance to your customers. Buyers, sellers and owners will all find something of value in each issue. That may be a short article about median price trends in your area or a tip for maintaining the value of a home.

During early testing, a high number of recipients responded to their REALTORS® with notes thanking them for the eZine as a source of knowledge and information.
Q: What if one of my customers tells me they don't want to receive the eZine?
A: That's easy. You have total control over your recipient list. Log on to the site with your username and password and make the recipient's e-mail address inactive on your list. Once inactive, the e-mail address will no longer be included in your eZine publishing circulation.

Furthermore, your customers can unsubscribe automatically by simply clicking on the "unsubscribe" button on the eZine itself. The next time you log in to the site, you will be able to determine if any recipients have elected to unsubscribe.

By making the records inactive, instead of deleting them, we prevent the possibility of your forgetting that a prospect has unsubscribed and mistakenly re-adding their e-mail address to the database in future.
Q: I'm not much of a computer whiz. Will this take a lot of my time?
A: No. In fact, once you have accurately uploaded your personal information and your e-mail addresses, you don't have to do anything else. Each monthly edition of the eZine will be automatically delivered to your recipients by our servers. (You will also automatically receive a copy of each edition for your own review.) Of course, you have the option of adding or updating recipients' e-mail addresses at any time. The more e-mail addresses you add, the larger your distribution list becomes.
Q: How many people can I send my eZine to?
A: There are virtually no limits to how many recipients you can designate for your eZine. At our current server capacity, we limit subscribers to a list of 8,000 recipients. However, very few REALTORS® will create personal farming databases that are as large as 8,000. The providers of Realty eZine retain the right to introduce additional pricing structures and capacity limits to protect our servers and ensure consistent service for all subscribers.
Q: When I upload my customers' e-mail addresses, does that give Realty eZine the right to use or share my e-mail distribution list?
A: Absolutely not. Unless you request our assistance managing your account, you are the only person with access to your e-mail distribution list. We will not contact your client and customer database without your express consent, and we will not share, sell or otherwise grant access to your list to any third party. We firmly believe in the individual's right to privacy and the principles of permission (not interruption) marketing. We are anti-spam and will terminate the services of any subscriber using Realty eZine for spamming purposes.
Q: Can't I buy a list of e-mail addresses to send my eZine to?
A: Please do not. We are strictly anti-"spam"*, and we empower you, the agent to allow your clients and prospects to "opt-in" to our service. You shouldn't send your eZine to anyone who has not contacted you, met you or otherwise interacted with you in a way that would make your eZine a welcome, relevant service to them. Recipients are given an opportunity to complain to Realty eZine directly if they are receiving the eZine without their permission. "Repeat offenders" who disregard recipient requests to unsubscribe will be suspended from service indefinitely.

"*Spam" is an industry term for "unsolicited commercial e-mail."
Q: My computer skills are lacking at best. What does uploading my email list entail? I need step by step instructions!
A: Step-by-step instructions are exactly what we give you. Once you log in, you will be able to view or download a list of instructions that show you how to export to a "CSV" or "comma separated value" file from your e-mail address book. From there, a special "wizard" on our site makes uploading your addresses a very clear, straightforward process. Our entire purpose is to help those agents with a lower level of computer skills continue to stay in touch with prospects who are a little more computer savvy. That means if you have any trouble at all, we will walk through every single step, over the telephone with you, personally. We've even been known to make "house calls" for those who need that extra little bit of support. Don't worry, though, it's easy!

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