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If you want to know how much REALTORS® and consumers value the Realty eZine, you don't have to take our word for it. Look below to read actual comments from REALTORS® using Realty eZine. We have also provided feedback from REALTORS® clients and customers who receive the eZine each month.

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We've been using the eZine to promote our real estate business for a few months, and we think it is a great concept. Here's one of the messages we got from our former clients... thanks for helping us "stay in touch" with our sphere of influence.

"Hey there... You two are so high tech.......Thanks for always remembering me. Don't take me off your list."

Stan & Jan Poscovsky · Houston, TX

Wanted to let you know I have had several nice comments (in person) on your newsletter -- one even from a former Houston Post journalist! Your copy was snappy and interesting which is always great. Have not had a single "remove" since those first two the day I send out your October issue (and they probably unsubscribed before even reading it). Obviously everyone likes it! Congratulations.

Suzanne Page-Pryde · Houston, TX

My Realtor began sending me the Realty eZine about six months ago. The articles are short, timely and interesting and I enjoy reading it. My home is both my sanctuary and an investment, so I like keeping track of interest rates, median prices and neighborhood trends. I also appreciate the "tips" to help me maintain the value of my home. It is good to know that my Realtor is 'plugged in' to what's really going on in the industry. It is also helpful that I can contact her via e-mail, through the eZine, whenever I have a question.

Roy Key · Houston, TX

Dear Amy:

Thank you ever so much for: your newsletter, the focus on my (Austin) market in the articles as opposed to just general information, AND the extra special service you have provided me by helping me export my files to you monthly (to E-mail my customers) since I have such underdeveloped computer skills. Your newsletter is better, slicker (in a VERY positive fashion), and more professional than anything I could do myself, and has helped me in becoming the #1 Producing Agent for the #1 Buyer's Agency in the Greater Austin Area now! Please keep up the Good work. I"m depending on you more than ever.

Jerome Wilkerson · Austin, TX

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